This Eyeliner Tool Promises a Perfect Cat-Eye Flick in Seconds


Create your perfect winged eyeliner in a single step, with a clever eyeliner tool launching this month in the Middle East.

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Image: Courtesy Lyda Beauty

While it looks deceivingly simple, the classic eyeliner flick can be tricky for those unable to master the perfectly balanced eyeliner wings. Lyda Fischer, founder of Lyda Beauty, shared the same frustrations, leading her to create the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp. An innovative eyeliner and tool in one, the eye stamp uses a patent-protected applicator to precisely create a fully opaque and sharp-edged winged liner shape exactly where you want it. "We created the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp for women like us who still struggle with winged eyeliner. The timeless look of eyeliner is always in vogue, and we designed this patented tool to effortlessly achieve the perfect cat eye," Fischer explains.

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Lyda Fischer. Image: Courtesy Lyda Beauty

"Eyeliners are well-suited for the Middle East due to their enduring allure, adaptability, and their ability to complement the rich and diverse fashion landscape of the region. The ancient look maintains its classic appeal and our tool brings a modern simplified twist to anyone looking to achieve the perfect eyeliner." The double-ended product has the stamp shape on one end, and a smudge-proof eyeliner on the other. Each stylus has a built-in ink reservoir that keeps both ends moist and ready to use.

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Image: Courtesy Lyda Beauty

To use the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp, simply align the stamp to the desired position on the eyelid, positioning as close to the corner of your outer lashline as possible, before pressing firmly onto skin. Use the fine felt tip eyeliner end to darken the upper lash line, connecting to the stamped shape. The eyeliner's flicks can then also be extended out as desired.

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Image: Courtesy Lyda Beauty

Fischer has newly relocated from Los Angeles to Dubai, as she expands the brand's reach. From an Iranian background, the entrepreneur says the city is an innovative hub for the beauty industry. "There's a palpable energy and openness to embrace new experiences, making it a fertile ground for brands that bring fresh perspectives," she adds. Along with her makeup collection, Fischer will also launch her skincare range, SKN By Lyda Beauty into the UAE this month, which feature a signature 24K Hydrating Mist, infused with steam-distilled organic roses.

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